Commercial Lawn Mowing in New Bremen

There is no question that your business needs to shine. The building should be in good condition, and the lawn should be welcoming. The interior typically needs to be bright, with a pleasant atmosphere. Many businesses use in-house staff for cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and emptying the trash. Likewise, many companies go in-house for lawn care and landscaping services. On the other hand, some businesses opt for contracted, outsourced cleaning and lawn mowing services. Here is a look at the pros and cons of contracting out commercial lawn mowing services.

Efficient and Professional Grass Cutting Services

The issue of expertise has the potential to cut both ways. One thing that is for sure, though, the person or people who mow your lawn need to be well-versed in efficient lawn mowing techniques. For example, lawn maintenance personnel need to know when to mow lower and when to mow higher. They also need to know the best strategies for certain types of lawns and certain times of the year. For instance, at dry times of the year, it is best to mow grass longer so that the lawn is at less risk of drying out. It’s certainly possible to find people who have the necessary expertise for in-house mowing. However, when you contract out to services, you are nearly guaranteed to have experienced personnel. For example, at Gehret Nursery Inc., our mowers are skilled and fully trained.

As for equipment, we have efficient and capable commercial equipment. We stay on top of technological advancements and trends as part of continuing education. We also adhere to strict safety protocols and carry insurance. Someone who works in-house may not possess knowledge that is as in-depth, nor may budgets allow for the best equipment possible.

Affordable Mowers for Your Commercial Property

In general, it is an advantage money-wise to contract out lawn mowing services rather than doing them in-house. At a basic budgetary level, you never need to buy and/or upgrade many types of equipment. For best results with in-house services, you would need to spend a lot of money for equipment used perhaps only twice a month. In addition, you are able to streamline your staff load and keep work processes light and efficient. Thinking bigger picture, by working with experienced and proven professionals, your lawn shines. Your business creates a great first impression, potentially getting more clients in the door.

You also tend to enjoy more flexibility with contracted services. You get to tailor your lawn care needs; for example, if you need less mowing in the winter and more in the summer, you get it. You set the schedule you want, and we fit your workflow needs. You will be working with licensed and insured professionals, and receive bills that are clear and easy to understand.

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